Car Subscription

Nikotto Subsuku ucar is a monthly flat-rate car subscription service. It is a service with no additional fees other than the initial registration fee at the time of signing the contract, and we offer a variety of usage scenarios. (If you would like to sign a contract for a new car, please contact our Nikotto Ride Seven.)

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Enjoy your car life with ease!

- I want to use my car only when I need to.
・It's better to be able to let go at any time!
・I want to try out all kinds of cars!
・I want to sign a contract only while I'm a student!
・I want to use a car for a fixed monthly fee!
-Maintaining a car is stressful!

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The lineup includes a wide range of vehicles, including minicars, compact cars, SUVs, and luxury cars!

"When you go out with friends, find someone who has a car, or split the cost of a rental car. I want you to explore Yamagata more casually. I want you to like Yamagata so much that you either settle here or visit every now and then and make it your second home." "There are a certain number of people who will need to buy a car after being transferred to Yamagata. Conversely, there are a certain number of people who will give up their car because they are leaving Yamagata. Let's reduce one of the hassles at a time when transfers are difficult. On your days off, go out here and there with your family and enjoy your time while you're here."

In the case of transfer employees

I was transferred from the Tokyo metropolitan area to Yamagata. Before the transfer, I only used my car on weekends. But in Yamagata, it has become my precious companion and I use it every day.

But in three years, I will be transferred again, and it will cost a lot to let it go or take it with me.

Once the rental period is over, you can simply return the car and pay the bill. You can move on to your next destination without any worries. You'll want to come back to Yamagata with that feeling of ease.

For students

I have decided to live in Yamagata for 2 to 4 years.

I'll get my driver's license at the end of the first year. I want to go out with my friends while I'm in school. Renting a car and splitting the cost every time is more troublesome than I thought.
Sometimes I want to go out and have fun after school. Renting a car for the whole summer vacation is expensive...

If I can borrow it for a month or more, I'll borrow it during my vacation. If it's good, I can borrow it for a little longer.

The initial contract fee is only 33,000 yen!

The initial contract administration fee is only 33,000 yen! (Additional charges apply for home delivery and pick-up in the Shonai area.)

Please consider Nikotto Subscription Ucar, a fixed monthly payment service (starting from 27,500 yen per month for light vehicles)!

SUV lineup

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◯We offer light and compact cars!
I want a second car for my family, for shopping, taking them to and from work, etc. I want a maneuverable car that's easy to drive!

◯RVs, SUVs, and minivans are available!
On my days off, I want to go a little further away and enjoy being a working adult! I want to go to various places within the prefecture and outside the prefecture too!

◯Eco-cars and high-grade cars are in preparation!
I want to enjoy time together as a couple in my dream car! I want to drive that dream car!

What are the benefits of subscribing to a car?

Benefits of Ucar Subscription

You can borrow at any time and quit at any time.

You can start from one month and rent on a monthly basis up to the expiration of the vehicle inspection, so you can rest assured even if you are suddenly transferred.

You can easily ride the car you've always wanted to ride

Feel free to try out the higher class cars you want to drive. Once you have an idea of ​​what class to change to, you will feel the desire to own one.

Free and easy to use without owning it

You can use your car anytime, anywhere, without being tied down to a contract. Make your life in Yamagata even better!

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Fixed monthly rate is great!

Nikotto Subscription Ucar is,

This service can also be used by those considering long-term rental cars on a yearly basis or monthly rental cars. It can also be used by those considering monthly rental cars within Yamagata Prefecture and those who are thinking of renting a car on a one-month contract while working in Yamagata. Unlike leasing, you can cancel the contract after one month. This is a new service that allows you to rent a car for a fixed monthly fee.

Rent or lease?

In our case, the cost of renting a car that costs 10,000 yen per day for one month would be approximately 300,000 yen.

Subscriptions make car management more affordable.

Nikotto Subscription Ucar offers a monthly flat rate of 27,500 yen for light vehicles and 48,000 yen and up for standard vehicles. Take advantage of this "subscription" service, which is more convenient than renting a used car.