Service Overview

A diverse lineup! What is Nikoto Subscription Ucar?

Nikotto Subscription Ucar is a monthly car service that can be used for as little as one month. You can use the car only when you want! You can quit anytime! You can change the car you want, rent it only for the period of your student life, use a car for a fixed monthly fee, and it can be used by people who do not purchase a car. We will deliver a stress-free car life by entrusting the maintenance to you. The lineup will be expanded to include minicars, compact cars, SUVs, luxury cars, etc.

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Differences from other services

The biggest difference between renting a car and leasing is the contract period.

It can be used on a monthly basis, so you can easily get rid of it.



What is included in the monthly fee?

The price includes the vehicle itself, automobile tax, weight tax, compulsory insurance, optional insurance, inspection, and oil change fees.

How is it different from a rental car?

Do you have trucks too?

We do not offer minivans, macrobuses, caravans, or trucks. Please use our Nikotto Rental Car.

How do I pay?

Monthly fees can only be paid by cashless payment.

What is the usage period?

The usage period is from one month until the expiration of the vehicle inspection.

How can I extend the use?

Extension of use is possible by paying additional vehicle inspection fees.


The contract will be automatically renewed. If you wish to end your subscription, please contact us at least 10 days in advance.

Items to check before signing a contract

Please check the following points:

For this service, we ask that you manage your account from your My Page.

You will be informed at the time of signing the contract.

A contract administration fee of 33,000 yen will be paid in advance.

The contract administration fee will be used to cover maintenance costs after return, name change agency fees, garage certification, etc.

Driver registration is required at the time of signing the contract.

We do not cover accidents caused by drivers other than those registered.

After the contract is signed, the ownership will be transferred to our company and the name will be transferred to the user.

The storage location will be prepared by the user, and the procedures will be handled by our company.

Optional insurance included (CSY name. Vehicle exemption of 100,000 yen included)

The contract period is from the contract date to the day before the contract date of the following month, with one month added each month.

We ask that users take full responsibility to come to the store for their 6-month/12-month inspection during the period.

We ask that users take full responsibility to come to the store for their 6-month/12-month inspection during the period.