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Contract administration fee

Contract administration fee

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We will notify you via email after signing the contract.

The 33,000 yen including tax is the vehicle registration fee, garage certificate acquisition fee, and post-return maintenance fee.

* If you would like the car to be delivered to your home , there is an additional charge of 3,000 yen including tax. Please select "+Vehicle delivery option" for the price of 36,000 yen from the options.

*If you specify the delivery area as our Sakata store or Tsuruoka store, there will be an additional charge of 6,600 yen including tax. Please select "+Designated delivery area (Sakata/Tsuruoka)" for 39,600 yen from the options.

Optional insurance available

  • Bodily injury compensation

Unlimited per person (0 yen exemption)

  • Property damage compensation

Unlimited per accident (0 yen deductible)

  • Vehicle Compensation

Vehicle insurance amount per accident (100,000 yen deductible)

  • Personal Injury

Up to 50 million yen per person

*Compensation will be provided for damages incurred by passengers in a car accident (including death and permanent disability) regardless of the driver's degree of negligence. (Maximum of 50 million yen: damage amount determination will be made by the insurance company based on the insurance policy)

Studless/Wheel set


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