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[ETC/Collision Mitigation Brake/Rear Camera] NBOX/Light Blue JF3-1279816

[ETC/Collision Mitigation Brake/Rear Camera] NBOX/Light Blue JF3-1279816

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Year: Reiwa 1st year

Vehicle number: JF3-1279816

Vehicle inspection expiration date: R6/9/29

Number: Yamagata 580 yo 4621

Color: light blue

The price shown is for one month. Monthly contracts are available for a minimum period of one month.


4WD: None

Collision mitigation brake: ◯

Sliding door:〇

Rear camera: 〇

Push start: ◯

Optional insurance available

  • Bodily injury compensation

Unlimited per person (0 yen exemption)

  • Property damage compensation

Unlimited per accident (0 yen deductible)

  • Vehicle Compensation

Vehicle insurance amount per accident (100,000 yen deductible)

  • Personal Injury

Up to 50 million yen per person

*Compensation will be provided for damages incurred by passengers in a car accident (including death and permanent disability) regardless of the driver's degree of negligence. (Maximum of 50 million yen: damage amount determination will be made by the insurance company based on the insurance policy)

Studless/Wheel set


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